Gonzago’s Rose

conceived and performed by Federica Tardito and Aldo Rendina

music Bregovich‚ Prokofiev‚ Gino D’Auri‚ Lola Beltran
lights Sandro Carnino

thanks to the accomplice and friendly eye of Giorgio Rossi
and to Doriana Crema’s presence

production compagnia tardito/rendina
supported by Associazione Sosta Palmizi/MiBAC


anno di produzione productions 1999

55 minutes

Gonzago’s Rose


A self confident man‚ tough as his seat‚ hombre pasionado which confuses Love with violence‚ an offended woman‚ exhausted‚ watered with her roses‚ longing mujer which soffers violence for a little touch of Love; they have been living together for “thousands of years” bringing up roses pressed by nightmares that seem dreams and watered down poetries‚ they share an unique reality: to dance old memories in tired dresses.


Press excerpts

Gonzago’s Rose is a funny scenic action based on the couple’s boredom, where he is the Sicilian macho and she is the victim lover: the comic quality remembers the gags, but the sequence of the massage made on the beach in a flamenco and bullfight stile is a piece of anthology.

La Nuova Venezia, 16th November 1999


An ironic and, at the same time, passionate dance which leaves space to the love’s great feeling and to everyone of us dream, a dream in which we fall in love listening to old songs and handing a flower to the woman we love: maybe a red rose. The two Gonzago’s Rose’s interpreters come from various professional experiences, with dancers of great level, such as Anna Sagna, Roberto Castello, Giorgio Rossi and Raffaella Giordano, dancers that at the moment have an important role in the world of dance.

Gazzetta di Parma, 19th July 2000

Its an effective and original branch from the Sosta Palmizi the Gonzago’s Rose made by the really close couple Federica Tardito/Aldo Rendina.

Francesca Pedroni, Danza & Danza, July/August 2000

A performance showed on the stage by an exceptional duo, Federica Tardito and Aldo Rendina; irony, playing sensuality, tragicomic tenderness – which put together an impeccable technique – spice a  show that wants to probe the relationships between man and woman and the couple’s incommunicability trough an infallible and original strategy: make the audience smile while they are reflecting, bringing the attention on a real problem disguising it, as if it is a just a game without importance. The Spello’s performance spots on the first meeting between two dancers that will have a bright future.

La Nazione, 18th January 2001


Gonzago’s Rose is made by a nice couple of “nutty” people, the dancers and choreographers Federica Tardito and Aldo Rendina. Reckless, cheeky and eccentric genoius enough, they venture into the depths of  a man and woman relationship. He is an olive “terrone”, rough and dishevelled. She is a buttery Rosalia from the profound North, a woman that, tired of offences and frustrations, takes refuge in her poetries, dreams and roses world. On this tram that lost desire sneers and teases are burning out, helped by the wild rhythms of Goran Bregovic, the Mina’s “Porompompero”, an impetous Prokofiev and the rough and disenchanted comment from Paolo Conte in “Una giornata al mare” (“A day at the sea”).

Ermanno Romanelli, Il Corriere, January 2001

Among floating basins, roses which are used without excluding thorns, “tired” dresses and hilarious gags the Gonzago and Rosalia’s story sorts out, a story that strucks the audience with irony, but that also constructs at the same time a dramatic crescendo that has a great impact.

Il Corriere dell’Umbria, January 2001

… they are two radiant examples of the “Turin hatchery” in the theatre and dance section, with a curriculum full of professional experiences both in Italy and abroad, in cinema and in theatre.

Giornale del Piemonte, June 2001

An intense show, full of atmosphere, emotion and to get emotions.

Torino Sera, June 2001

Gonzago’s Rose, made by Federica Tardito and Aldo Rendina, has become a little cult show, which has been invited, this summer too, to many trend festivals.

Sergio Trombetta, Torinesette de La Stampa, June 2001

Gonzago’s Rose was born from the meeting between two artist who live in the same city, Turin, that, after a period of nomadism, felt the desire to do something together, to construct their work, to put together their way to mean dance and theatre, but also to mix the two languages.
Where did the idea to investigate the couple relationship come from? We just tried to isolate some peculiar elements and the strongest one, also because of the components of our company, was the relationship between man and woman. We were interested in showing up the missed promises, the silences after an entire life has been spent together, we were interested in the relationship’s stereotypes. Everything played  with irony, laughing is the alter ego of sadness. Rosalia and Gonzago are two souls living a conflict, two souls lost in the life of a couple.
And the roses of the title? The rose is a metaphorical flower. Lets says it is the third element of the game. Fascinating, fragrant, the rose is also the thorns’ flower, the flower that pricks.
Where did the choice to work in the theatre and dance (teatrodanza) come from? We are not pure dancers, the use of the word mixed up to the danced movement has been a need more than a choice. The words come out just as naturally as we have the need to transform movements into choreographics designs. While we got along with this need we also researched for simplicity. We want the couple’s story to arrive to the audience, we want it to be a simple one, in which everyone can recognize himself or that he can share.

Nicola Rigoni, La Provincia di Crema, November 2001


Places where Gonzago’s Rose has played
  • 22 > 23 February 2024 Gonzago’s Rose / Teatro della Contraddizione - In Controdanza / Milano
  • 30 July 2023 Gonzago’s Rose / Parco Archeologico del Sodo - Teatro Archeologico / Cortona (AR)
  • 29 June 2022 Gonzago’s Rose / Associazione L.O.F.T. - Sul Naviglio...V edizione / Parma
  • 24 June 2022 Gonzago’s Rose / Cortile delle Officine CAOS - Il coraggio di essere felici / Torino
  • 24 July 2020 Gonzago’s Rose / Piazza Vittorio Emanuele 19 - Stagione / Leinì (TO)
  • 30 May 2020 Gonzago’s Rose / form 9:00 pm Streaming on Mosaico Danza social channels - Festival Interplay Digital
  • 29 January 2020 Gonzago’s Rose / Lavanderia a Vapore - Media Dance, Quello che ci muove / Collegno (TO)
  • 12 April 2019 Gonzago’s Rose / Teatro Marenco - Stagione teatrale PdV Piemonte dal Vivo / Ceva (CN)
  • 13 June 2018 Gonzago’s Rose / Teatro Faraggiana - Per città in scena in punta di piedi / Novara
  • 10 March 2018 Gonzago’s rose / Teatro degli Scalpellini / San Maurizio D’Opaglio
  • 10 November 2016 Cinema è danza (versione ridotta) Terranova Bracciolini (AR) – Sosta Palmizi / Cortona
    21 November 2015 Camaleontika – Almese (TO) / Fabula Rasa
    13 February 2015 Teatro S.Giorgio – Voci Errranti – Stagione T. / CavallerMayre (CN)
    25 November 2014 Giornata contro la violenza sulle donne – Teatro San Francesco / Alessandria Stregatti
    15 November 2014 Di terra, di acque e di nebbia / Chiesa di S. Martino dell’Argine (MN)
    8 November 2014 RiPrendete Posto – Stagione Teatro Viotti Fontanetto Po (Vc) Teatro Lieve
    22 November 2013 Teatro della Juta / Arquata Scrivia (AL)
    28 February 2013 Caffè della Caduta / Torino
    2 November 2012 Caffè della Caduta / Torino
    16 March 2012 Carichi Sospesi / Padova
    11 March 2010 Nuovo Cinema Teatro Italia – Arti Vive Habitat / Soliera (BO)
    20/21 November 2008 Cantieri Koreja / Lecce
    11 November 2007 Quale Percussione rassegna A / nzichedanza / Marano sul Panaro (MO)
    29 July 2007 Festival delle Arti Comiche San Terenzio (SP)
    26 July 2007 Volterrateatro / Volterra (PI)
    1 July 2007 Il giardino delle esperidi / Ello (LC)
    20 August 2006 Morenica cantiere canavesano / Nomaglio (TO)
    30 July 2006 Teatrodonna / Mantova
    16 > 26 November 2005 La Boîte à Jouer / Bordeaux (Francia)
    16 June 2005 Parchi aperti / Brescia
    25 September 2004 Tra il Po e la Dora / Montanaro (TO)
    7 May 2004 Teatro delle Cantinelle / Biella
    30 June 2002 Incroci / Giaveno (TO)
    3 November 2001 Piccolo Parallelo – Teatro Galilei / Romanengo (CR)
    22 August 2001 Arteven / Chioggia (VE)
    3 August 2001 Echidna / Mogliano Veneto (TV)
    18 July 2001 Arteven / Chioggia (VE)
    30 June 2001 Adda Danza / Masate (MI)
    15 > 16 June 2001 Teatro Araldo / Torino
    19 May 2001 Arci / Terni
    19 January 2001 Ballet 2001 / Spello (PG)
    11 November 2000 Erbamil / Ponteranica (BG)
    8 > 9 November 2000 Teatro Modena / Genova
    2 October 2000 Dansem / Marseille (Francia)
    5 > 6 August 2000 Nave Argo / Caltagirone (CT)
    19 July 2000 8 di Saffi / Parma
    15 July 2000 Servi di Scena / Avigliana (TO)
    1 June 2000 Fabbrica Europa / Firenze
    25 May 2000 Giostra di May / Fidenza (PR)
    22 > 23 May 2000 Teatri 90 / Milano
    21 > 22 January 2000 Scuola elementare di Stabio / Stabio (Svizzera)
    9 January 2000 Fuorirotta / Montefiore Conca (RN)
    17 > 18 December 1999 Il Mutamento – Zona Castalia / Torino
    11 December 1999 Spazio Danza / Cagliari
    13 November 1999 Fondamenta Nuove / Venezia
    November 1999 Teatro delle Briciole / Parma
    November 1999 Tam Teatro e musica / Padova
    23 September 1999 Contrappunti / Torino
    September 1999 Teatri Invisibili / San Benedetto del Tronto (AN)
    4 July 1999 Festival delle Rocche / Montà d’Alba (CN)
    2 July 1999 InCastro Danza / Castro (BG)
    July 1999 Drodesera>CentraleFies / Dro (TN)