The company came to life through the encounter of the dancers Federica Tardito and Aldo Rendina‚ who arrive from a recognized professional experience as performers with choreographers such as Raffaella Giordano‚ Giorgio Rossi‚ Roberto Castello‚ Anna Sagna‚ Claude Coldy‚ Georges Appaix and Pierre Byland.

They are united by features of both artistic and formative experience: a past of professional nomadism and‚ most of all‚ the will to confront themselves with author creation.
Thus was created their first performance, Gonzago’s Rose in 1999‚ with the support of Sosta Palmizi/MiBAC Association; it’s a duo in which dance embraces theatre‚ coloring with irony and tragedy a crackling love story. It soon became a little cult show‚ invited in many festivals in Italy and abroad.

After distinct experiences with different artists‚ in 2004 the artistic fellowship is consolidated thanks to a new project‚ Creazione. The show‚ co-produced by Torino Danza and Drodesera > Centrale Fies‚ was presented inside Torino Danza – Focus 6 for the first time. The show‚ subsequently entitled Circhio Lume‚ confirms the company rigour in the research of its language, for both artistic quality and audience success.
The show went frequently on stage in numerous festivals and theaters‚ such as Volterrateatro‚ VIE Scena Contemporanea, Dansem/Theatre Massalia, Avignon Off and Summer Festival of Culture Activities for Kids in the Old City of Jerusalem/Israel.

In 2007 they started Kado Cultural Association‚ operating in the field of education and the disclosure of apparently different universes: dance, clown, drama, and journeys focused on awareness, creating at the same time new networks‚ that between September and October 2009 became concrete with the realization of a tournée of the performance Circhio Lume and the workshop Il ridicolo del dramma in Uruguay and Brazil.

In March 2008 the company presents‚ inside Spazi per la Danza Contemporanea 2008 at Cavallerizza Reale – Turin‚ an extract of the new show “Oh Heaven” (il Paradiso Possibile)‚ which preview was represented at Tracce di Teatro d’Autore and the opening at Volterrateatro. The show is co-produced by Kado, Sosta Palmizi‚ Tracce di Teatro d’Autore‚ VolterraTeatro and Piedmont Region.

By the end of 2010‚ Il Compito debuts, a solo by and with Aldo Rendina. Co-productions: Kado, Sosta Palmizi‚ Festival Interplay‚ Arti Vive Habitat and Piedmont Region.

In 2012 they collaborate with Stefano Cenci and Dimensioni Parallele at the realization of the project Del Bene e Del Male, which debuts as a show in the Review Prime Visioni 2012, in collaboration with Emilia Romagna Teatro Foundation.

In 2013 they collaborate with Senza Confini di Pelle at the creation of Add Up > Connecting Rosarno for RELAZIONI 2 International Festival of Urban Regeneration.

In 2014 they debut with L’anatra, la morte e il tulipano, directed by Bruno Franceschini and the live accompaniment of the musicians Rebecca Rust and Friedrich Edelmann. The children’s performance is freely based on Ente, Tod und Tulpe, illustrated book by Wolf Erlbruch. Co-production: tardito/rendina company, Franceschini // Droste & Co. and Sosta Palmizi. 

Eolo Awards 2015 as Best show for Kids and youth’s theatre category: “In the show the dance of Aldo Rendina and Federica Tardito, nourished by a few but significant words, meets with the music expressed by Friedrich Edelmann bassoon and Rebecca Rust cello to narrate children, through a poetic and engaging way, the very special meeting of a duck with death. Two instruments, two totally different sounds, that talk softly and intensely with one another and with the bodies of the two dancers, create a clean and light choreography, veined with irony that literally enchants not only children, properly suggesting a subject too often denied to their emotion and considered a taboo that must be avoided.”

Mention of the Jury at Giocateatro Torino 2014: “…have the ability to tackle a deep and hard topic in a delicate and poetic way. The show mixes dance, theatre and live music by creating an immersive and light atmosphere, capable to go trough different registers. The actors-dancers play the characters with remarkable skill and singular naturalness.”

In 2015 and 2016 they collaborate as performers in “Secret Pieces” a poetic itinerary in the historical centre of Cortona (AR) project by Raffaella Giordano – Sosta Palmizi.

In 2017 they debut at Giocateatro Torino with the children’s performance Tempo, direction and music by Bruno Franceschini. Production tardito/rendina company, Bruno Franceschini and Sosta Palmizi, with the support of Piedmont Region, Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani Onlus Foundation – Torino, Centro Servizi Culturali S. Chiara – Y Generation Festival Trento, KOMM TANZ residencies project Abbondanza/Bertoni Company in collaboration with Comune of Rovereto.

In 2017/18 they collaborate at the performance Sparsi, with the dancers Claudia Monti, Clelia Moretti, the sound-painter/musician Nino Locatelli, the musicians Cristiano Calcagnile, Andrea Grossi and the visual artist Pietro Bologna, it debuts at Teatro della Tosse in Genoa. Co-production: Kado, Arbalete Association.

In 2020 they win the Call AiR – Artists in Residencies, by Lavanderia a Vapore, Collegno (TO) with the project Sonja, by and with Federica Tardito, support to the creation by Aldo Rendina. Freely inspired by the character Sonja from Anton Cechov’s piece Zio Vanja. Preview in June 2021 at Cross Festival, Verbania and the debut on the 27th November 2021 at Lavanderia a Vapore. Production tardito/rendina company, co-production Sosta Palmizi and Arbalete and with the support of Europa Teatri, Zerogrammi company and Arte in Movimento.

In March 2023 a preview of SWAN with and by Aldo Rendina, support to the creation Federica Tardito, is performed at eUROPA tEATRI; remotely inspired by “Swan Lake” by P.I. Tchaikovsky, in some ways it’s also inspired by the short movie Dalla parte di Swan by the video-maker Sandro Carnino. Production tardito/rendina company, co-production Europa Teatri, with the support of Arte in Movimento.

They have also created performances and events for unconventional spaces: Scherzi ad Harte‚ In & Out‚ Tadito for you‚ Lena‚ “Oh Heaven” (il Paradiso sotto).
In parallel with the work on stage the company conducts a pedagogical activity between dance, drama and clown.

From 2016, they are part of the Artistic Research Board – TRA, work group formed by more than twenty artists and educators from the piedmont territory that have been working for years, each one of them with their own peculiarities, inside the varied field of contemporary dance, the project is by Lavanderia a Vapore – Residency dance centre / Piemonte dal Vivo Foundation – Multidisciplinary Circuit of Performing Arts.

Federica Tardito and Aldo Rendina are Associated Artists of Sosta Palmizi/MiBAC Association.