Oh Heaven (il Paradiso sotto)
urban spaces version
Drama-dance on the border with the clown

(il Paradiso sotto)
urban spaces version

by and with Federica Tardito and Aldo Rendina
with Aldo Rendina‚ Federica Tardito and Antonio Villella

music A. Part‚ J. Jackson‚ A. Gré‚ Queen
consulence and musical elaborations Gregorio Caporale
lights Lucia Manghi
costumes Roberta Vacchetta / Laura Mazza

organization Caterina Lucia Cugnasco
pictures byAndrea Macchia
co-production VolterraTeatro – Carte Blanche‚ Tracce di Teatro d’Autore‚
Regione Piemonte‚ Associazione Sosta Palmizi/MiBAC‚ Associazione Kado

anno di produzione productions 2009

25 minutes

Oh Heaven


The place where the ancestor Man‚ still in divine essence‚ didn’t know the limit of human condition

Heaven under

From a cotton and too white and pure Heaven / where time gets bored in a cyclic motion‚
a man and a woman are pushing themselves ahead as laughable stars‚ / busy in satisfying their need to appear

Poetics and language

Body Life Drama Lightness
True False Balance Unmasking

Words that come along with a poetics animated by the desire to dig deep‚ to rise to the surface with lightness our way of life peculiarity‚ sensible to cohabitation and contradictions between human condition’s limits and its divine essence