Oh Heaven (il Paradiso Possibile) Drama-dance on the border with the clown

(il Paradiso Possibile)

from a project by Federica Tardito and Aldo Rendina
created in collaboration with the performers
with Claudio Conti/Antonio Villella‚ Aldo Rendina‚ Federica Tardito

music A. Part‚ Talking Heads‚ Queen
consulence and musical elaborations Gregorio Caporale
lights Lucia Manghi
costumes Roberta Vacchetta / Laura Mazza
organization Caterina Lucia Cugnasco
co-production VolterraTeatro – Carte Blanche‚ Tracce di Teatro d’Autore‚
Regione Piemonte‚ Associazione Sosta Palmizi/MiBAC‚ Associazione Kado

anno di produzione productions 2008

50 minutes

Oh Heaven

Searching for lost innocence‚
we are heading for the Possible Heaven.
A place to allow our tragic human being a new welcome place.
Where negation leaves place to permission‚ and where‚ sometime‚
the border between good and evil undoes like a useless noose‚
revealing the illusory nature of many desires.

Oh Heaven (the Possible Paradise)

The place where the ancestor Man‚ still in divine essence‚ didn’t know the limit of human condition

Yesterday question UNMASK
Today question WITHOUT DEFENSE

Without defence suggests us something open‚ exposed‚ a place or a condition‚ maybe utopian‚ to live‚ recalls us the desire to turn over usual‚ uncover the habit to cover‚ defence‚ mask ourselves.

We have to admit that when our EGO or the IDEA of US‚ showing in its several disguises‚ its revealing in its horrible truth‚ we suddenly find we are in hell‚ we are asking ourselves if it’s worth to stay there or maybe to try heading to heaven‚ or‚ better of all‚ consciously putting feet at the same time in both places to discover that sometimes opposites are cancelling out revealing fears and desires of illusory nature.

Without pretexts to judge‚ we are trying to let anyone look at us with our interior wounds‚ to go and find them and‚ meanwhile‚ with a soft respect‚ to recognize their ridiculous side‚ revealing some secrets of our defences.

Willing to loose our face and a serious resistance’s tidy measures we take the risk to let the soft soul under a rain of pouring irony.


Poetics and language

Body – Life – Drama – Lightness
True – False – Balance / Unmasking

Ingredients that nurture the wide human inspiration‚ words that come along with a poetics animated by the desire to dig deep‚ at the drama origin.

We have been looking for a while at some dark zones of living where man‚ accomplice in behavioural and emotional superstructures‚ paints universes with dark skies.

With the help of Savoiur Humour we are coming back to investigate heavy matter‚ trying to move the bottom limit‚ willing to rise to the surface lightness‚ sensible to cohabitation and contradictions between human condition’s limits and its divine essence.

…swinging between eternity and trash. Becoming witnesses of a peculiar clownerie that is coking with pathos and with the most pitying decay.”
Tadeus Kantor

Greedy time

We love and we defence that daily working space‚ near to artisan and researcher dimension‚ that needs a wide time to deepening.

Time‚ essential ally in the creation process of an original dramaturgy‚ where also the performer‚ offering his specific‚ is called to serve the oeuvre.

Time dedicated to creative material research‚ that needs a space to happen and where we take necessary care of matter kind‚ fragile and elusive because of defence changes. Time for creative material’s amalgam and drafting in an original dramaturgy.