Il Compito Drama-dance performance on the border with the clown

by and with Aldo Rendina
creation accompaniment Federica Tardito

music Shostakovich‚ Radio Head
lights Lucia Manghi
organization Caterina Cugnasco
with the support of Associazione Sosta Palmizi/MiBAC‚ Festival Interplay‚
Regione Piemonte‚ compagnia tardito/rendina‚ Associazione Kado

anno di produzione productions 2010

45 minutes

…travel notes

The work comes out from the need to answer a question: which are the parts of us we do consider a “reject”?
The first aim will be to ready to recognize “our rejects” with everything this involves‚ catching all the contradictions‚ standing the temptations to turn back on their appearing; the reaction is so immediate that it will take a great lucidity to be faster than the habit.
Taking charge of all the parts‚ in their various shapes‚ could include ourselves in a more elaborate puzzle and maybe‚ bringing to light those features that we have to habit to reject‚ we will be able to create that moment in which drama and ridiculous are flowing on the same tightrope. An opportunity to make a movement from ourselves. I will pursue this project allowing myself to make mistakes‚ which is not usually done‚ but if I lean where I will end? Somewhere surely‚ if I will take the wrong way it will be better.
Hoping to end in a land that I don’t know‚ frequently shrouded in mystery‚ I will try to take a look around.
Just like the first human being that experiments himself I’m taking my first step. I rummaged my wishes‚ doubts‚ certainties‚ vanities‚ conflicts and‚ at a certain time‚ I meet the King‚ we took a peace of way together‚ than we lost one another and my assignment became a caretaker one.
The assignment is also a challenge for imagination.

Aldo Rendina

dedicated to Claudio and Federico